10 ways to sell a Zone A apartment

By Alana Mayman  | October 31, 2012 - 2:04PM

According to The Real Deal, the trade publication for the NYC real estate industry, a state of emergency did not necessarily put a damper on business--or at least, buyers who wanted to schedule a showing.  But, we have to ask ourselves, how do you market a Zone A apartment so soon after the storm of the century? Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Zone A: It's never as bad as they say!
  2. Think of every evacuation as a chance to spend quality time with the grandkids.
  3. Great views of Liberty Island and once a year, an indoor pool.
  4. It could be love at first sight for you and your first responder.
  5. Don't drive to the ocean, let the ocean come to you
  6. Zone A: Less expensive than TriBeCa, lower taxes and less flooding than Westchester.
  7. Real New Yorkers aren't afraid of a little water.
  8. The only thing you will need to prepare for the hurricane is a suitcase.
  9. The best place to live 363 days out of the year.
  10. "A" is for awesome!
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