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9 signs your co-op board interview is in the bag

By Alana Mayman  | May 14, 2012 - 12:47PM

Sure, you've prepped your financials, practiced your answers and prepared for the worst case scenario in your co-op board interview, but sometimes the best case scenario occurs, and they're bending over backward for you instead of the other way around. (This must happen sometimes, right?)

Here are 9 signs you've got this whole co-op board interview in the bag....

  1. You are team doctor for the Knicks and the board president's kid is wearing a Jeremy Lin t-shirt.
  2. The meeting ends with the board members telling you which dry-cleaner is the best in the neighborhood.
  3. You are the admissions director for a coveted nursery school and one of the board members has 2-year-old triplets.
  4. You own a neighborhood restaurant and the board asks to have the interview there. 
  5. The recently-divorced co-op board treasurer had a huge crush on you in high school.
  6. The co-op board president brings out the good Scotch mid-way through the interview. 
  7. The woman hosting the interview was in the same sorority as your wife and she answers the door with, "When did you last wear the yellow tea rose?" 
  8. You are an orthopedic surgeon and instead of discussing your financials, the board members use the interview as an opportunity to get free medical advice.
  9. You are buying the board president's apartment and he did not recuse himself from the process.

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