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11 NYC real estate apps we'd love to see

By Alana Mayman  | July 12, 2012 - 12:35PM

We’ve already covered the NYC amenities we wish we had (we're still waiting for some entrepreneurial mom to get that stroller service station started), but now we’ve decided to get all techy on you.

Here are NYC-centric mobile apps we’d love to see on our iPhones, Androids and tablets:

  1. A Christmas tip calculator for all building employees based on number of years in the building (you and them), level of service, previous year's tip, your current salary, and square footage of your apartment; bonus feature for direct deposit from your account to theirs 
  2. Automatic Appraiser -- upload address and up to 10 pics at an open house and you will get results for (a) fair market value and (b) how big a mortgage your bank will actually approve
  3. Real estate agent and contractor lie detector (result values range from "only lies a little" to "completely full of shit") - scores of five and higher automatically posted directly to Yelp
  4. Bed bug and rodent sensor (no explanation necessary)
  5. Volume control on all electronics in adjacent apartments 
  6. Automatic (and persistent) doorbell ringing when the neighbor's dog is barking too loudly or their arguments (and subsequent make-up sex) are keeping you up at night
  7. An app that sends a “reminder” email to your selfish roommate when they finish the milk or “forget” to replace the toilet paper for the 50th time
  8. A virtual punch clock for your housekeeper that tells you how many hours she actually spends in your apartment versus how many she charges you
  9. An app that records exactly what goes to the cleaners when your doorman hands over the bag, and what is missing upon return
  10. An app that reads between he lines on decorating bills--did the cost of your living room sofa include a suite at the Carlyle so the upholster and decorator could get in on?
  11. App that reads landlords' minds during the negotiations to see how low he would go

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