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The Open House Scorecard: Privacy for sale

By Emily Feldman  | April 2, 2012 - 10:27AM

Any New Yorker who's ever lamented the impossibility of having both the quaintness of a country home and convenience of New York City—in one location—should know that a Pomander Walk two-bedroom co-op has hit the market. Built in the 1920s, the Upper West Side's Pomander Walk is a tiny enclave of houses on two pedestrian-only streets pulled straight from a Victorian novel.

The co-op made the week's StreetEasy Open House Scorecard—a roundup of most-saved open houses on the real-estate site. (So clearly, the word is out.) Best to inquire about this $750,000 rarity, located on 94th street, between West End and Broadway, before the opportunity vanishes.

Other quiet, somewhat secluded options include this $1.675M two-bedroom co-op "tucked away on quiet Mott Street." Though Mott's not quite a pedestrian-only block, neither is it a bustling thoroughfare. The full-floor apartment has private elevator access and a layout that puts the bedrooms (each with its own balcony) on the opposite end of the unit as the living room—a bonus for solace-seekers.

For those who don't mind--or even want to be in--the thick of it, there's always this $1.525m two-bedroom co-op on West 79th Street, between Amsterdam and Columbus. The "museum block" location is a short walk from the city's iconic museums, Central Park, the cross-town bus and 1-train. But even this apartment offers a bit of tranquility amid the action. It has a common backyard garden and rooftop access.

Click through the complete Scorecard below for the rest of the week's most-saved open houses and consult BrickUnderground's free Agent Referral Service for help finding the right place, with the right amount of privacy.

  1. 40 West 24th Street—3-bed co-op, $1.625m
  2. 150 West 79th Street—2-bed co-op, $1.525m 
  3. 306 Mott Street—2-bed condo, $1.675m 
  4. 210 West 19th Street—1-bed condo, $750k
  5. 780 West End Avenue—3-bed condo, $1.295m
  6. 459 Washington Street—3-bed condo, $3.2m
  7. 529 Court Street—2-bed condo, $669k
  8. 107 West 86th Street—3-bed co-op, $1.625m
  9. 334 West 85th Street—1.5-bed co-op, $649k
  10. Pomander Walk #2—2-bed co-op, $750k

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