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StreetEasy's Most Wanted: Downtown dreaming

By Joe Lazauskas  | March 8, 2012 - 2:59PM

If you’re in the market for an apartment below 14thstreet but above the aroma of the Chinatown fish markets, this might be your lucky week.

This week's Most Wanted—the ten apartments StreetEasybrowsers saved more frequently than any others—includes three in prime downtown neighborhoods.

If you’re flying solo, this bright, $470,000 one-bedroom co-op on E. 12th St. (pictured) could make you think you died and woke up in apartment heaven. Everything seems to sparkle here, from the renovated kitchen to the marbled bathroom, but note that it’s not guaranteed to stay that way after your friends come over to eat Chinese takeout.

Moving south a few blocks, a $1,495,000, two-bedroom condop on East 8th street will satisfy most any amenity addict; it features a full-time doorman, gym, outdoor swimming pool, landscaped roof deck and laundry on every floor. The biggest draw, however, might be the 96-square-foot private terrace.

Finally, a $1,195,000 two-bedroom condo on W. 12th St. might make an eager entertainer go into dinner-party overdrive, with a “spacious, loft-like living/dining area” and a kitchen with marble counters and stainless SubZero appliances.  But if two fashion-holics will be sharing the apartment, beware the closet-less second bedroom.

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  1. 175 W. 12th St. -- 2-bed condo--$1,195,000
  2. 60 E. 8th St. -- 2-bed condop -- $1,495,000     
  3. 111 E. 88th St. -– 3-bed condo -- $2,088,000
  4. 226 E. 12th St. –- 1-bed co-op -- $470,000
  5. 71 Barrow St. – 2-bed co-op -- $1,250,000
  6. 445 1st St. Park Slope – 2 bed co-op – $1,250,000
  7. Columbus Ave. Broadway, Lincoln Square –- 2-bed apartment -- $1,250,000
  8. 401 Hicks St. – 3-bed condo -- $999,000
  9. 384 Warren St. Boerum Hill –- 1-bed condo -- $369,000
  10. 255 W. 84th St. – 3-bed co-op -- $1,995,000


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