Reminder: BedbuggedNYC Meetup Thurs., Sept 15th

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BrickUnderground's second Meetup, BedbuggedNYC, is closer than your headboard: Sign up now to save a seat at the free panel on Thurs., Sept. 15th, featuring NY's #1 bed bug warrior Gil Bloom, BrickUnderground's Bedbugged! columnist and bed bug survivor Theresa Braine, and real estate lawyer Steven Wagner.  

Our experts will dispense the practical lowdown on everything from what bed bugs really look like, to where to find them, the best ways to get rid of them, who pays, how to get your landlord or board to do the right thing, and how to deal with the emotional trauma and social stigma of infestation.  

Co-host, the neighborhood social-networking site, will be pouring vino and serving refreshments at their West 23rd street penthouse headquarters. Meetup sponsor, Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists (the folks behind today's Q&A on fumigation) will talk about how to bed-bug-proof your next move. They will announce a third-generation Fume Cube that we unabashedly predict could/should become the next must-have apartment-building amenity.   

Sign up now to reserve your spot. (But leave the bed bugs at home.)

BrickUnderground's BedbuggedNYC Meetup, Thurs., Sept. 15th

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