NYC Real(i)ty Speak

NYC Real(i)ty Speak: 5 ways to spot unauthorized short-term renters

By Veronica X.  | June 10, 2011 - 1:07PM

How do you know your condo or co-op has been infiltrated by unauthorized short-term renters?  Some signs:

  1. They sport large backpacks and small lederhosen.
  2. They are in the building's gym filling up their water-bottles and tea kettles with the filtered water from the cooler.
  3. They greet you in the elevator saying, "Top o' the morning to ya!"
  4. The Drs. Wakefield's 'contractor' appears to have moved in while they are spending the summer in Europe.
  5. When asked, they tell you they are from the Saudi Arabian branch of the Bederman family.

Veronica X. is a Canadian by birth, an Upper West Sider by nature, and an Upper East Sider by choice and circumstance. She has finally found an apartment big enough for her family, books, and shoes and is now in the process of renovating it. 


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