Confess! Do you trust your contractor?

By Alana Mayman | May 13, 2011 - 1:15PM

This week's Urtak poll is for anyone who has ever hired a contractor.  You can check the results to each question as you go along (or click here and select "results" on the top right), and remember you can ask as well as answer questions by clicking on the 'Ask' tab above.

Here are some of the things you told us in last week's confessional Urtak poll: Twenty-five percent of respondents confess to swiping a neighbor's newspaper on purpose, 96% believe they're good tippers, and less than half would disclose to the neighbors that they have bed bugs. (To take the poll, click here.  To see the results, click here and select "Results" on the upper right.)

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Confess! Have you ever knowingly stolen a neighbor's newspaper?

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