10 QR codes we'd like to see, starting with one on the real estate agent's butt

By Alana Mayman  | May 2, 2011 - 10:45AM

QR codes--those square bar-codes that beam information directly to your Smartphone--are showing up on real estate listingsconference name tags and Japanese cemeteriesamong other places.  But the news that NYC is incorporating them into building permits (disgorging scope of work, contact info, violations, etc) made us think about some other apartment-related QR codes we'd like to see....

  1. The real estate agent's butt, to find out the real 'bottom line' on the apartment she's selling.
  2. Your contractor's forehead, to find out how long the project will really take.
  3. Your decorator's forehead, to find out how much the project will really cost.
  4. Your doorman's hand, to find out how much everyone else in the building tipped at Christmas.
  5. The co-op board president's chest, to find out if she has a heart.
  6. The porter, to learn if your box from La Perla really arrived damaged or if he just wanted to know what kind of panties you wear.
  7. The Fed Ex guy, to see if those missing Chloe wedges from are on his girlfriend's feet.
  8. The dog's mouth, to see if your engagement ring is coming out the other end.
  9. The food delivery guy's mouth, to see if he spit in your food on the way up because your husband is a bad tipper.
  10. Your neighbor's ears, to find out if she heard you screaming out the super's name during sex.


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