Childproofing a loft elevator: A few suggestions

By Margot Slade  | May 2, 2011 - 3:56PM

One parent's question on do you stop a toddler from pushing the call button on an elevator that opens directly into your loft--has inspired some mothers and fathers of invention.

Retina scans and sock-covered hands aside, suggestions fell into two camps: cutting off access with an open-ended crib or gate, or covering the buttons in a plastic or plexiglass lockbox:

  • Gates/Fences   "Not sure if this is the exact one that will work, but it's that kind of idea," this commenter says. "The panels don't have to be connected in circle to stand up, so you can block off the area with a U shape, the open end at the elevator. It's a pain for adults, they have to step over or slide over the panels, but it works."
  • Lockbox   "No rewiring, no trippy gate, just screw a thermostat cover into the wall," says a commenter. "Consider doing it with the lock on top, and it'll take longer for him to grow tall enough to open it. You'll have moved by then."
  • Gratuities: "I'm sure someone in the building would stop your kids before they got all the way outside. Tip your building staff!" 


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