Cool Stuff: A paper shredder alternative that fits in a drawer

By Jeffrey Calandra  | April 8, 2011 - 11:50AM

High-quality paper shredders are typically as big as kitchen trash cans, which means they're not exactly NYC-apartment friendly.  And the smaller ones tend to get jammed, burn up, run too loudly and too slowly.  

One clever alternative to tearing up all those credit card offers by hand is Kes'pon Guard Your ID Stamp (pictured, $19.99).   The stamp, which stashes away easily in a kitchen or desk drawer, imprints a pattern designed to mask letters; just stamp over the information you want to keep private.

Contrary to the online instructions, the stamp even works on coated paper such as catalogs--I just give it a little extra drying time. But for heavy duty shredding needs, you may still want to seek out an off-site shredder, like the one at the office (if you're not violating company policy).   Better yet: Suggest that your apartment building install a professional-grade shredder for everyone to use.  

Product details:

Kes'pon Guard Your ID Stamp ($19.99 plus $5.99 for inkpad)

Guest blogger Jeffrey Calandra runs OCD4Lifea NYC-based professional organizing service. 

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