10 things to hide when you go on vacation

By Alana Mayman  | May 13, 2011 - 10:56AM

So your cousins from Baltimore are flying in to NYC to dog-sit while you're on vacation? Here's some stuff you might want to hide before they get here....

  1. The glue traps  (they won't understand)
  2. The bed bug traps under the bed legs (see above)
  3. The latest rent/maintenance bill (ditto, plus they'll think you must be rich)
  4. The Krug, not the red wine your client made himself and gave you for Christmas
  5. The handcuffs (unless you're a cop) and the only Rabbit your guests should see is the stuffed one on your daughter's bed
  6. Propecia and Rogaine
  7. Wellbutrin and Ambien
  8. Tooth whitening trays (and the bound book of naked pregnancy pictures you rest the case on)
  9. The screenplay/novel you have been working on since college
  10. Evidence of your second job as an Avon salesperson, even though you are a lawyer, just so you can afford to live here

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