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City to train 8-year-olds to lead fight against construction defects

By A. Ready  | March 1, 2011 - 3:26PM

The recent construction boom has turned New York into the Florida of new construction defects, so what better way to save our city from further humiliation than to train the next generation to build things properly?  

According to The Real Deal, the New York City Department of Buildings has launched a road show aimed at budding junior architects and engineers: "DOB officials will visit five [elementary] schools across the city to teach about the steps required to construct a building and the role DOB plays in facilitating safe development," says the trade magazine.

The reaction from The Real Deal's peanut gallery is generally skeptical: "Is there a section on how to pay off DOB inspectors while we're at it?" asks one commenter. "Don't forget the section on hiring stiffs to stand in line for you and one more class on cement testing."


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