"Acceptance" issues thwart progressive co-op laundry room; residents flee to laundromat

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By Teri Karush Rogers  |
March 23, 2011 - 2:19PM

Co-op board members are comparing notes on their laundry facilities and the vendors that run them over on's BoardTalk forum. So far, so bad. One board member explains that the eco-friendly water-recycling machines installed in two laundry rooms at the 111-unit co-op building have met with an "acceptance" problem.

Among other things, the water recycling tanks get a little "funky" at times and need a dose of chlorine bleach. Also, apparently, residents aren't keen on washing their clothes in someone else's rinsewater, so they're opting for the laundromat down the street. To put it delicately, "This [water-recycling] concept may not work well in a multi-family complex." [Ed's note: And definitely not in a bed bug epidemic, unless you're washing clothes in hot water and/or drying them on high heat.]

Other kvetching points:

  • Washing machines that lack a porthole window: "I know this is a fine point. However, it has also led to some resistance [among residents]. I guess some people like to watch."
  • Machines that require two doses of detergent, one for pre-wash and one for wash cycle--and you have to wait around until it's time for the second dose. If not, no sudso.
  • Malfunctioning machines paired with slow and low-quality repairs by the vendor.
  • Poor quality lint-filters that tear easily.  

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