NY Mag names best bed bug exterminator of the year. Guess who?

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In its Best of New York 2011 issue this week, New York Magazine crowns a new bed bug extermination king--who also happens to be BrickUnderground's very own bed bug expert-on-call, Gil Bloom of Standard Pest Management. Bloom, an entomologist who served last year on the city's now-dissolved Bed Bug Advisory Board, has been helping BrickUnderground sort bed bug fact from fiction for almost two years now.  In addition to overseeing his family-owned company's apartment-to-apartment warfare on bed bugs,  Bloom remains deeply involved in the city's ongoing efforts to control the epidemic.  We offer him our sincerest congratulations and, on behalf of everyone who would prefer to sleep unmolested by bloodlustful insects, wish him the best of luck in fighting the good fight.

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