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Concession Alert!

By A. Ready  | February 18, 2011 - 12:03PM

In our weekly effort to locate landlords that are willing to sweeten your rental deal by offering concessions we noticed something a bit unusual: A number of coop/condos are being offered with one-month's free rent. A few of the units we found noteworthy:

  • This 700 square foot one bedroom coop rental at 114 Morningside Drive in Morningside Heights is listed at $1,800, and comes with one-month free rent or no broker's fee.
  • At 415 East 80th Street a renovated alcove pre-war studio is being offered for $1,950, with one-month free and no broker's fee.
  • A spacious alcove studio at 220 Riverside Boulevard, a full-service luxury condo, is on the market for $2,500, and the landlord is offering one-month free.



Concession Alert! rounds up some of the latest rental concessions offered by NYC landlords. But it's not the only place to find deals. To search for rental concessions on, click on "advanced search," check the box "description includes" and type in the words "free rent." For tips on how to find a no-fee apartment, check out our Guerrilla Guide series.



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