Is security the main reason to live in a doorman building?

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Not for everyone.  “For us, it’s just the overall convenience,” says a commenter on, who lives in a “huge” building where the doormen don’t stop visitors. “Our doormen are actually useless in terms of both security and function. But our porters and package room are priceless.”   

Others point out that all doormen--and doormen buildings--are not created equal: "There's a difference between a 'doorman' building and a 'full-service doorman' building," says one, who lives in the latter. “My building is relatively small, so they know everyone. If [my child] is sleeping, I can call down and have them not buzz up when an expected visitor is coming. They will accompany the cable guy into the apt if my nanny isn’t home. They’ll refrigerate my Fresh Direct delivery...."

Other benefits: Having someone “at the gate” to stop a small, loose child from wandering onto the street as well as keep an eye on the car with your kid strapped in it while you unload packages. 

And keep an eye on elderly residents. “I’ve seen our overnight doorman gently stop an older woman with a walker who is slipping from ‘taking a walk’ at 4AM in 20 degree weather,” writes a commenter. “He guided her back to the elevator.”