Arrange a free, no-fuss clothing drive for your building

By A. Ready  | December 10, 2010 - 10:47AM

Want to clean out your closets and help the environment at the same time? Try starting a textile recycling drive in your building. As BrickUnderground noted in June, Wearable Collections (a for-profit company) sends gently used items to countries in Central and South America to be sold by the pound, and recycles the materials from non-usable items into new textiles. Now Upper West Side Recycling (212-865-9595) has announced that it has teamed up with Wearable Collections and will even organize your building's textile drive.

If your building has over 100 units, Upper West Side Recycling will deliver collection bins to be kept permanently in the basement. For smaller buildings, racks will be temporarily provided for the duration of the recycling drive. Though you won't get a tax deduction, you won't need to haul your castoffs to a collection site, or add them to our ever-growing landfills.  

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