Top 12 excuses of bad holiday tippers

By Teri Karush Rogers | December 14, 2010 - 6:27AM

Whether or not you wind up going light on the tips this year, we predict that some of these rationalizations will cross your mind as the ATM counts out your hard-earned cash....

  1. "Nobody comes by my desk and hands me a tip at the end of the year."
  2. "We need it more than they do."
  3. "I'll tip more next year after I pay off the Platinum Amex."
  4. "I don't need a doorman."
  5. "I never see the [fill-in-the-staff-member-blank]."
  6. "I'm a single guy in a studio apartment who works all the time. It's the families in the 2,000 square feet apartments where things are always breaking and have a million deliveries that should tip the most."
  7. "They're just doing their job."
  8. "I'm subletting.  Let the owner take care of it."
  9. "I'm renting. Let the landlord deal with it."
  10. "I just moved here in October."
  11. "I'm moving out in January."
  12. "My doorman's an asshole."


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