Holiday decorations in the lobby without bloodshed

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In case you missed the NY Times story this weekend about the divisiveness of holiday decorations in the lobby, we have prepared this handy digest of teachable moments:

  • Silver and white Christmas decorations may provoke less controversy than red
  • Do not ask for the entire building's input on which holidays to celebrate and how
  • An inexpensive way to freshen up your building's holiday display is to have your super trade decorations with other buildings
  • If you're on the board of a building that has a lot of kids, do not try to skirt the whole holiday decoration controversy thing by giving $250 to a water buffalo charity project.  While the buffalo may appreciate it, this will end badly for you personally.
  • Red ribbons on the door are cheaper than wreaths, but if this is your building's first December, prepare to invest anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to $15,000 in an artificial lobby tree, because cut trees are a fire hazard. (Oops.)

(NY Times)