Shiny happy renters pack StuyTown meeting

By A. Ready  | November 1, 2010 - 7:29AM

BrickUnderground attended StuyTown's tenants' association meeting this Saturday, where hundreds of rather festive renters packed Baruch College's Mason Hall to discuss what happens now that CW Capital has successfully rebuffed the attempts by a couple of hedge funds to take control of the complex.

Among the topics that drew a positive crowd response: The likelihood that the complex would convert to coop or condo (likely!), the return of rent overcharges (maybe by next summer!), and whether apartments would remain rent stabilized if renters did not buy them (hopefully forever!).  For StuyTown renters & obsessives, BrickUnderground has posted a more detailed summary here.

The audience showed far less appreciation toward the college set that has taken up residence over the past few years, with one Q&A submission asking if StuyTown could revert to the old apartment regulations, meaning fewer occupants per apartment. Others showed a distinct lack of love for the people who fail to curb their pets. And to those of you who hang out in front of the buildlings smoking, stop it!

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