A little pre-snow intel

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Did you know that when it snows, your building's roof has to be shoveled too? "If the snow is very heavy, the roof could even collapse, and the drains can get iced, and the water can penetrate and melt everywhere," a roofing specialist tells co-op and condo trade pub The Cooperator in an everything-you-need-to-know about your roof story in the November issue (not yet online).   Some more kernels of co-op and condo wisdom: It's easier to pay a union super to quit than to fire him, and if your radiator springs a leak, the co-op has to pay to fix it. If your leaky rad damages the apartment downstairs, the co-op has to repair the walls, floors and ceiling but not personal property. (Your neighbor's co-op insurance has to pick up the tab, unless you negligently let the radiator leak without getting help.) (The Cooperator; previously)