Do you like your super?

By A. Ready  | November 17, 2010 - 3:40PM

One apartment dweller on is none too fond of her "lousy and unresponsive" super, and wants to know if disliking the super is a near-universal phenomenon. Some responders are completely satisfied with their super (one even claims to be sleeping with him, perhaps biasing her opinion), others not so much.   "Mine comes up two weeks after an order is called in," goes one complaint. "He bangs loudly on the door, walks in with his dirty shoes tracking dirt all over my floors, steps on my furniture with said dirty shoes, leaves garbage from any job performed on the floor." Another says, "He is really lousy. does the bare minimum. often seen moving his car (alternate side parking), will stop by next day on a call, and never if you work."  Not so for another commenter:  "I love my super. The board just gave him a raise and a new apartment. I've used his daughter as a babysitter. And he does apartment renovations on the side for very good prices."  How's your super? (


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