Park Slope muggings push doorman envelope; StuyTown hits auction block today (not), and more!

By A. Ready  | October 4, 2010 - 10:54AM
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A daily tour around the web through the eyes of a NYC vertical dweller:

  • Having a doorman means you're probably not going to be mugged on your way into your building. But beyond the golden glow of your awning, you're on your own.  Gothamist notes an uptick in muggings recently (two, actually) in Park Slope. The M.O.: Women were asked for directions and then women. At least it's an equal-opportunity crime wavelet. (Gothamist; CurbedNY)
  • Need a roommate--or a room?  If you live in or are looking in Williamsburg, Astoria, Prospect Heights, LIC, Harlem or the East Village, your options have just expanded. “Roommates Wanted NYC, [is] a new service that lets potential roommates meet in a group setting, usually a bar or club, avoiding time-consuming phone calls and open houses.” Happy hunting! (NYT)
  • “Which camp are YOU in?”  The Apple, Peeled takes a look at the arguments supporting the bulls’ and the bears’ positions, noting that “crystal balls are nowhere to be found.” (TheApple,Peeled)
  • Gretchen Morgenson at the New York Times takes a look at the shockingly flawed foreclosure practices at some prominent lenders and loan servicers.  The huge increase in pending foreclosures has resulted in inadequate paperwork “[b]ut analysts say that the wave of defaults still does not excuse lenders’ failures to meet their legal obligations before trying to remove defaulting borrowers from their homes.” Over the past two weeks, two major lenders have suspended foreclosures over concerns over sloppy documentation. (NYT)
  • Finally StuyTown hits the auction block today! Crains New York reports: At least two groups have publicly expressed interest in buying the rent-regulated complex and its 11,000-plus units from CWCapital. A partnership that includes the LeFrak Organization and billionaire Wilber Ross is said to be still negotiating with CWCapital. A spokesman for LeFrak declined comment, while Mr. Ross didn't return e-mails for comment.  Meanwhile, noted co-op and condo converter Gerald Guterman and Westwood Capital have also joined forces to pursue purchasing the complex. Their plan includes turning the complex into a co-op where insiders could buy their units at a 65% discount to current market value. “We believe we have the best plan,” said Daniel Alpert, managing partner of Westwood Capital. “We have been very transparent in our intentions.” UPDATE: Ooops. The Times CityRoom is reporting that the auction is off, for now.  CurbedNY predicts a brief interlude of martial law.  (Crains; CurbedNY; NYT CityRoom)
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