Is it 'ghetto' to live in a brownstone apartment?

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On UrbanBaby, a small riot erupted yesterday (aka biz as usual) when someone asked if it was considered ‘ghetto’--cheap, trashy or low-rent--to live in a brownstone if you don’t own the whole thing: “You're considered ghetto for asking the question,” snaps one commenter. Most defend brownstone apartments as a classic, elegant, New York abode (“it's considered a quintessential ny apartment; many of the best blocks in the city are full of brownstones split into apartments”), while some acknowledge a countervailing vein of snobbery: “I'm on the UES, and have had some people turn their noses up at the idea of a small, non-dm building. I don't esp care, but it IS an outlook I've encountered.” As to the fictional Carrie Bradshaw’s choice of shelter [pictured]: “bad example,” says a commenter. “She also wore her name around her neck in fake gold, if that aint ghetto....” (UrbanBaby)