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Dear Ms. Demeanor: Our super is cheating on us

By Jamie Lauren Sutton  | October 27, 2010 - 10:11AM

Dear Ms. Demeanor,

Our building has had a reasonably good live-in super for a number of years.  Of late it has come to our attention that he 'helps out' at some smaller buildings down the block.  No one seems terribly keen on firing him but I think that, at a minimum, he should be disciplined in some way.  Your thoughts on this matter are greatly appreciated.

Signed, My-Super-Is-Not-Your-Super
Dear My-Super-Is-Not-Your-Super,

Having a super at all is one of nicest things about living in the vertical village--just ask your friends who moved to the 'burbs.  And, in my opinion, a good super is worth an occasional wink and nod.

If yours is getting around the proverbial and literal block but still getting the job done, it's no skin off your nose if he is making a few extra dollars by moonlighting.  If he is not-so-super now that his time is divided, a warning message from the board about (a) work not being done in a timely manner or up to standard and (b) suggesting that perhaps his divided duties are the direct cause of same may be all that is needed.  

Was he less than super to begin with?  It may be time to look for a new one or hire additional help in lieu of a pay increase.  It would be most respectful to determine why the super felt the need to go looking for more work in the first place. 

Stay super,
Ms. Demeanor


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