Money making schemes I have known

By Openthedoor-man  | July 26, 2010 - 6:47AM

Okay, so I confessed to selling weed at one point in my life.

What can I say?

I needed and wanted to make some extra cash, I had the resources to obtain the weed, and I was working at a place where I was surrounded by people who had enough money to spend on getting high.

It was pretty much a no-brainer.

After all, the holiday tip bonanza sold to me by the friend who initially got me a job as a part-time doorman hadn’t gone as far as I needed it to.

Back then, I wanted to work on my music, and those holiday bonuses were going to help pay for studio time and equipment.  The tips were enough for a little while but eventually those dreams of being the next big rapper took a back seat to raising a family and working for a living.

As time went on, I contemplated a number of other money-making schemes, some more realistic than others:

Does happen: Someone is always in need of assistance, and a doorman can seek out his pocket money by taking on a slew of side jobs like cleaning windows, walking dogs, installations of various kinds, painting, moving furniture, and watering plants.

Our union also offers classes for any member willing to learn about plumbing, electrician work and refrigeration. Minor jobs involving any of those three can also be performed.

Could happen: With some kind of permission from my union, I wanted to select twelve guys that looked decent enough (would have let my girl and her friends decide on that one) and plaster them on a calendar wearing maybe some white gloves and boxers and nothing else. I was sure it would have made a killing. That idea is still in the air.

Should happen? I have no Ph.D., but do qualify as some kind of therapist. Doormen often sit through hours listening to miscellaneous problems regarding a person’s physical and mental health, relationship problems, and building problems. We give advice to those who may ask questions of us.

As much as there are many times where I would love for someone to just go back to their apartment, there are those moments where one cannot help but  get caught up in a resident’s dilemma and try to help out. All I need is for my building to supply the lobby with a nice comfy sofa. I’ll supply the egg timer.

Did happen, could happen again: I can go back to selling weed or any other ingestible a person may want. It’s all about putting yourself out there and getting to know people.

Wish it could happen: There are a lot of lonely women in the city,  many in doormen buildings....and don’t doormen sort of fit the bill of what some women looked for in a man? Men in uniform? Check. Well-groomed? Check. Polite and always saying the nicest of things? Check.  Gigolo, anyone?

The notion of making money while having a “good time” seemed brilliant when I was young. It would have been a grand business venture indeed.

Needless to say none of these ideas has led to an empire. But I haven't exactly lost my entrepreneurial instincts.

That doorman calendar? Nice.

A doorman tell-all book?

Even better.

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