Bright Idea: Springtime wine & cheese, lobbyside

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Holiday Tipping Poll
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Too often, neighbors communicate only in elevator soundbites or through bared teeth when something’s wrong.  That’s not exactly the stuff strong social bonds are made of.  A little lobby-side vino is, we think, a better cultivator of neighborliness.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and you don't have to wait for the holidays.

“Two times a year our building gives a wine and cheese party sponsored by a local wine store,” says Leslie Modell Rosenthal, a Warburg Realty managing director who lives in the East 70s. “They hold it in the lobby so if shareholders are in a hurry, they can grab a glass and a quick conversation.”

If you can’t find a wine store to pick up the tab for introducing its vintages, the catering arm of Eli Zabar charges around $250 on up for a gathering in a small building.

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