NYC Renovation Chronicles gets a brand new voice

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As we delve deeper into the ins and outs of vertical living in NYC, BrickUnderground is pleased to welcome a new expert columnist into our online midst.

Penny Fallmann May, a graduate of Columbia University's School of Architecture and an I.M. Pei veteran who has helmed more than 70 residential renovations as a principal at May Architects in Manhattan, will take the reins of our N.Y.C. Renovation Chronicles column.

And not a moment too soon, apparently.

"People who are renovating have a great fear of being taken advantage of, as they should. They're afraid they're going to overpay for everything and that they won’t be able to find a good contractor,  and they wonder how they are going to control the renovation," says May.

Particularly in the renovator's nightmare known as New York City, says May, "if you can't afford an architect, there are some things you should know."

First up: An insider's guide to high-impact, low-budget renovation secrets for classic New York apartments.

Check back every other Thursday for more renovation know-how. 

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