Ms. Demeanor's Vertical Etiquette

Introducing Ms. Demeanor's Guide to Sex, Laundry & Vertical Etiquette

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On BrickUnderground, we spend a lot of time talking about loving, loathing and living with neighbors – and today is no different.

We’re kicking off a new weekly column—“Ms. Demeanor’s Sex, Laundry and Vertical Etiquette”—that dispenses arch advice on manners and social justice in the apartment living context.

In a drawl as dry as the martini in her hand, Ms. Demeanor marries her two decades of  Manhattan co-op dwelling existence with her Southern upbringing to come up with answers you won’t find anywhere else.

Check back every Wednesday for the latest pronouncement from Ms. Demeanor.

Today from Ms. Demeanor:  Barbarians in the laundry room