Quiz: Does your super hate you?

By Teri Karush Rogers | February 2, 2010 - 6:05AM
There’s a good reason people tip their supers more than their doormen at the holidays: Supers have the power to fix what ails your apartment quickly, slowly, half-assedly, or not at all.

They also know where all the illicit garbage disposals are buried, including yours.

Thus, even if you don’t really like your super (or resident manager, as they are dubbed in many large buildings), domestic life will go smoother for you if you don’t piss off the big guy, even accidentally.

BrickTank expert and longtime resident manager Joseph Shkreli generously provided us with the real-life pathos behind our Does-My-Super-Hate-Me quiz:

1.  Do you refuse to leave a spare key with the building, then get locked out of your apartment and need help getting back in?

2.  Do you wait until after the close of business to notify the super of a plumbing emergency, even though you dropped your prescription bottle down the toilet at 8 a.m.?

3.  Has your beloved Scottish Terrier ever had an accident in the lobby? Does he think the area right outside the front door is his latrine?

4.  Do you say nasty things to your super about board members, other residents or staff members?

5.  Have you ever “forgotten” to tell the board, managing agent and the super about your renovation, then yelled at the super for not letting the contractors up?

Results: If you experienced 1-2 shocks of recognition,  watch your step.  3-4:  Watch your back.  5: Time to move.
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