Five things that made us go "huh" this week

Five things that made us go "huh" this week

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By Teri Karush Rogers  |
December 18, 2009 - 11:41AM

Our Friday attention span is as short as the next person’s, so in addition to serving up our usual linkage, we're trotting out some bon mots we overheard (over-read?) this week and couldn’t quite forget:

  • Prewar? You mean Charlie Wilson's war? “Pre civil war??? 
post Iraq I 
pre Iraq II 
Do CIA/clandestine wars count. 
I saw that 'Charlie Wilson's War' 
that would be pre Afghan unless we were buying in Russia. Then it would be post war and post USSR. 
Then there's the war of the roses 
the 100 year war 
Vietnam which was never declared a war so it can have no effect on RE” (StreetEasy)
  •  UrbanBaby mom on how her doorman talked his way out of a tip this year by making “inappropriate comments…says my son’s stroller is gay, I look like I need sleep and comments on my weight. His job is to say good morning and good evening, and if he does so, he gets a bonus. If he makes me dread entering/exiting my building, I think he should be fired!”  
  • Wall Street Journal reporter who bought a home in 2006 that is now worth less than its mortgage: "A lot of the people I turned to for advice were recent homebuying colleagues facing similar questions, or longtime owners who were doe-eyed by low interest rates. I don't recall anyone saying 'Dude, wait a few years.'"
  • "It’s a known problem that we can’t figure out.” (Our TimeWarner cable repairman about why our DVR doesn't get along with certain high-def channels.)


Teri Rogers Headshot - Floral

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