Who are you, Brick folk?

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BrickUnderground turned two months old this weekend -- still green but read all over, according to Google Analytics, the amazing, free web tracking tool we fondly refer to as crack.

We thought you might be interested to know what Google Analytics says about you:

  • If you discovered us through a random Google search, there's a good chance you want to swap out your bathtub or buy a quiet air conditioner. An increasing number of you are bothered by cooking odors coming through open windows.
  • When you find us through another site, it's usually StreetEasyManhattan Users Guide, Downtowny, UrbanDigs or the Matrix. We are sure that Curbed would be up there, except for some reason they haven't written about us yet.
  • You really liked our blog posts about Xanax-free recycling, your neighbor's bedbugs, and getting inside your doorman's brain.
  • Most of you are New Yorkers, followed by NJ, Maine, Connecticut and California.  If you log on from abroad, it's probably from the United Kingdom, trailed by Canada and...Brazil?
  • Those of you who sign on from work toil in finance, media, publishing, law, academia,  advertising, entertainment, medicine, and government, among other industries.
  • Half of you have a Mac. Five percent use an iPhone. 
  • Your favorite browser is Firefox (41%), followed by Internet Explorer (28%) and Safari (27%). One of you uses something called Sea Monkey.