Cool stuff: Your dog's DNA on your wall, not your rug

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For several years, DNA 11 has been selling its popular personalized DNA art to people who prefer to admire their genetic sequences rather than have them analyzed for portents of doom. 

A strong secondary market has also evolved: Humans who abhor tacky dog portraits are lapping up the genetic art concept for their canines, felines, iguanas etc.

Prices run from $199 to $899 (for the 36" x 54" portrait pictured above). You can also order a split-screen portrait of your DNA next to your beastie's.

Here's how it works:

1. Pick size, style and colors of your print.

2. You’ll then get a CSI-style kit mailed to you to collect a DNA sample.

3. Swab your pet’s mouth and mail it back to DNA 11.

4. Five weeks later you’ll have some stand-out art of your pet’s DNA and a guaranteed conversation starter at your next cocktail party.