Would You Rather?

Where to "park" New Yorkers: Riverside or Central?

By Mayra David  | August 15, 2016 - 3:59PM

Here we all are in the dog days of summer, New York. For those of us who haven't fled the city, our city's parks offer some of the only refuge from the city's dusty, smelly, heat and humidity. In Manhattan, there are two large greenspaces—Riverside Park and Central Park—that beckon. We asked six wilting New Yorkers: Would you rather while the summer (and winter, spring and fall) days away in Central Park or Riverside Park?

  • West Side Story I love Riverside because it's very much a west side park. An Upper West Side Park. Very community oriented, very beautiful and dog friendly. —Elise, Upper West Side
  • Relaxing recreation Central Park, of course! Even though it's in the middle of the city, it's still a place you can find a spot to relax. Riverside I go to when I'm biking. It's more for active, sporty leisure, I guess. —Emmanuel, South Harlem
  • The play's the thing Love Central Park! It's so dramatic with the tall buildings you see towering over the tree lines. And then the for real drama: I love Shakespeare in the Park! Which is why I'm currently sitting in line for hours for tickets when I should be working. —Kelly, Upper West Side
  • Riding and dining down Riverside I bike a lot, it's one of my favorite things to do. Biking down Riverside is the best. Especially because there are so many cool places by the water to stop and grab a beer and a snack. —Martin, Hamilton Heights (pictured below)
  • It's called "Central" for a reason Central Park because it's cool and I live on the Upper East Side. —Greg, Upper East Side
  • Cultural and central It's a cliche, but Central Park really is where I go to breathe. I mean, you get lots of spots like that: a rooftop, by the water. But the park is different. Plus, I really love the Met museum and I go there for talks or just for quick visits. I like the other museums along Fifth Avenue, too. —Jennifer, Upper East Side

Verdict: Central Park is our green stronghold of choice. And the prices on thoroughfares surrounding it, especially Fifth Avenue and Central Park West, prove it.


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