High-design cardboard cat houses, a real estate dynasty crazier than the Trumps, and more

By Virginia K. Smith | April 12, 2016 - 10:59AM 

Will your cat appreciate these designer cardboard "cat forts" more than a regular empty box? Who's to say (The Daily Dot)

The strange, old New York tale of the Wendels, a NYC real estate power-family of yore (NYT)

Adorable knick knacks to make your kitchen more organized (Buzzfeed)

Surprise, surprise: Soho is the city's priciest neighborhood for residential sales (The Real Deal)

How to (try to) get tickets for the Bernie-Hillary Brooklyn debate (Gothamist)

How to handle tipping at all levels of the service industry in New York (Thrillist)

Rent Eli Manning's Hoboken apartment for a cool $18k/month (Curbed NY)

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