Report: Evictions on the decline throughout NYC

By BrickUnderground  | March 13, 2019 - 2:00PM

The Bronx showed the largest drop in evictions, 21 percent compared to last year.


Evictions have fallen in every New York City borough, according to a new study by listings website RentHop, which also found that poorer NYC neighborhoods do not appear to have higher eviction rates.

The survey looked at evictions in 2019 year-to-date compared to the same period last year in 2018. So far, overall evictions in NYC have dropped 9.6 percent. The Bronx saw the largest decrease in evictions, 1,225 in 2019 from 1,558 in 2018, a fall of 21.4 percent. Brooklyn showed the next largest decline: Evictions decreased from 1,170 to 994, a 15 percent drop.


Evictions tend to cluster in the same neighborhoods year after year. The above map shows 2018 and 2019 evictions. The deeply shaded sections (with the most evictions) appear mostly in the Bronx and in Brooklyn. Claremont-Bathgate in the Bronx has the highest number of evictions in 2019, the report said. 

To create the map, RentHop used NYC Open Data for evictions from Jan. 1st to March 11th. Median rent data is from RentHop’s databases. Places where there is no shading means there was insufficient data.



RentHop looked for a connection between median rent prices and the number of evictions in a neighborhood. Marshals have an economic incentive to serve evictions in the form of a “poundage fee,” which gives them a percentage of what they can collect, the report explains. 

However, there was no strong correlation between median rents and evictions, “which suggests that the economic incentives of poundage fees don’t necessarily push marshals to solely evict people in either high-rent or low-rent places.”

The Manhattan addresses with the most evictions in 2019 are 555 10th Ave. and 605 West 42nd St., which are both fairly new buildings.


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