Only in New York

Believe it or not, we're sure this East Village pigsty will rent in no time

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | July 18, 2016 - 9:59AM 

Note to brokers: Ask particularly sloppy current tenants in the apartments you're looking to rent out to clear out their crap—or at least stuff it all in a closet—before you start shooting listing photos. Case in point: This pigsty of a listing on Craigslist. We've included a screenshot below in case the apartment is taken before you read this (yes, that's actually possible, especially in a neighborhood as hot as the East Village).

We're tempted to provide this particular listing without commentary, and let the photos do the talking, but we'd just like to point out—in case you don't notice amidst the clutter—that apparently these photos were taken in such a hurry that there was no time to turn off the stove or to shoo the current messy renters out of the photo.  At least they appear to be making healthy meals in that miniscule kitchen, right?


We all appreciate outdoor space in the city, but this dead Christmas tree and concrete "backyard" (translation: alley between two buildings) is downright depressing.

Now, given all that... who wants to bet it's rented by the end of the week?


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