Would You Rather?

Which type of landlord is best: hands-on or hands-off?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | March 20, 2017 - 12:59PM

When it comes to renting in NYC, a good landlord could be one who stays out of your business and doesn’t care to meet tenants, let alone be on the premises that often. Or, it could be one who is ever-present for anything that might come up, from a leaky ceiling and loud neighbors to a fire alarm that won’t stop ringing. So what do New Yorkers really want for a landlord? Here, we gauged the opinions of five city dwellers:

I need my landlord present This is especially important when your upstairs neighbor falls asleep while running a bath and you have to deal with over 100 gallons of water pouring in at 3 am. —Jonn, Roosevelt Island

On-site is better There are so many benefits to having an on-site landlord, including getting something fixed in a timely manner and covering for the doorman when there is a no-show. Living alone is great, but having an on-site landlord, you don’t feel totally alone. —Dana, Midtown (pictured below)


I got 99 problems and the landlord isn't one (so absentee is better) Except for when the roof leaks and then you wish he was there to fix it. —Ed, Staten Island

Landlord? No thank you I’m not comfortable with a landlord being privy to my comings and goings and those of my guests. —Shelley, Upper East Side

There when you need them I’d rather have an on-site landlord in my building. If and when problems arise, like my hot water running out, it’s comforting to know they're close by and can resolve issues in a speedy manner. –Laura, Gramercy

Verdict: We like it when a landlord is around to handle the myriad problems that can pop up!


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