You don't necessarily need to pay more to live in a quiet NYC neighborhood

By Jennifer White Karp  |
October 16, 2018 - 9:00AM


If you’re looking to rent in New York City, you should know that it is a raucous place but some neighborhoods are louder than others, and you don’t necessarily need to pay much extra for a (relatively) quieter place.

A new study from RentHop tracked noise complaints in the city and their relationship to median one-bedroom rental prices. The report found only a slight negative correlation between noisy nabes and median one bedroom rental prices. This means you don’t have to pay a ton for a quiet neighborhood.


In other findings: More populous neighborhoods don’t necessarily have higher numbers of noise complaints. There was only a 47 percent correlation between population and noise complaints filed. And in the neighborhoods analyzed, noise complaints are down roughly 6.8 percent year over year.

The top two noisiest neighborhoods per borough

Manhattan: 1) Hamilton Heights, 2) Marble Hill/Inwood

Brooklyn: 1) Dumbo/Downtown Brooklyn, 2) Bushwick South

Queens: 1) Woodhaven, 2) Queensbridge

The Bronx: 1) Bedford Park/Fordham North, 2) Norwood

The top two quietest neighborhoods per borough

Manhattan: 1) Upper East Side, 2) Lenox Hill

Brooklyn: 1) Borough Park, 2) Brooklyn Heights/Crown Hill

Queens: 1) Bayside Hill 2) Elmshurst/Maspeth

Bronx: 1) Parkchester, 2) Pelham Bay

Still, the report acknowledged the human behavior can sometimes confound trends. 

“Some neighborhoods (and their residents) may value peace and quiet more than others, causing them to make more noise complaints,” it says.

To create the study, RentHop used 2018 year-to-date data from NYC’s open data portal and RentHop’s proprietary rental data.



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