For a growing family, an open and flexible living space is of paramount importance. (After all, a family needs room to share a meal, relax in front of a movie, and store a stroller, to name a few requirements.) And for Mansi, an executive living in Downtown Brooklyn, her condo didn’t fit the bill. Having been converted from a commercial space and full of strange angles and unstable flooring, Mansi’s home needed major changes. 

She reached out to Bolster, a New York City company that empowers homeowners to control their major renovation by delivering industry-leading expertise and a radically transparent online platform, to create a new vision for her space. While Bolster gut renovated the entire condo, today’s focus is on the living, dining, and kitchen area, which is 540 square feet in total. Below are the detailed costs of what it took to deliver a bright and airy multi-purpose room for Mansi and her family.

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1. Kitchen System
Mansi opted for a custom designed and built kitchen from Henry Built, a company that creates bespoke spaces to fit a homeowner’s lifestyle. Bolster took the lead on the final installation.

Henry Built materials, design, and build: $40,000
Cabinet installation: $5,200
Countertop installation: $1,170

Build and Material Costs: $46,370
General Conditions Costs: $7,800


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About Bolster's NYC Renovation Calculator: Bolster's Renovation Calculator enables you to easily calculate the estimated cost of a major New York City renovation. All you'll need to know is 1) the scope, complexity, and type of your project, 2) the quality of your desired finishes, and 3) the area being renovated. [Hint: Bookmark this page for easy reference!]

About Bolster: Bolster is a New York City design-build firm that delivers a seamless, radically transparent renovation experience--beginning with a line-by-line cost estimate that empowers you to plan your scope, budget, and schedule.

Standard: The quality of the finish is acceptable with attention to detail but reliant on big-box store sourced cabinetry, MDF etc. 

Mid Range: The quality of the finish is good (grade A) with attention to detail but reliant on big-box store sourced cabinetry, MDF etc.

High Range: The quality of finish is high (grade AA) and customized with fine finishes and materials being used that can last years, if not a lifetime.

Upscale: The quality of finish is the highest possible (grade AAA) and labor-intensive, with every surface bespoke, new, and beautifully finished.

Low: Simple design, no layout or structural changes, elevator in building.

Medium: Average design, moving of some systems and/or structural changes, no elevator in the building.

High: Complex design, complicated engineering, lots of logistics (e.g. boom lifts, suspended scaffolds, etc.), dangerous working conditions.

Small: Changes to surfaces only (e.g. painting, tiling).

Medium: Small + Changes to the finishes themselves (e.g. removing plaster, replacing flooring etc).

Large: Small + Medium + Changes to the building's infrastructure (e.g. replacing all systems, walls, floor joists etc).

2. Kitchen Appliances
Mansi selected high end finishes to complete the kitchen of her dreams.

KWC kitchen faucets: $860
Wolf Oven: $5,307
Subzero refrigerator: $8,588
Bosch Dishwasher: $1,269
Wolf induction stove: $2,408

Material Costs: $18,432
General Conditions Costs: $3,686

(This includes delivery, handling and installation.)


3. Flooring
Because the original flooring was “squishy” and felt unstable, Mansi opted to strip the original materials and replace with high-end PID flooring. The flooring was applied to the entire apartment was priced at $10.64 per square foot in material costs. The flooring was $23.06 per square foot when you include general conditions costs like demolition, debris removal, materials, and installationThis brings the floor to $12,450 for the room in total

4. Painting
Mansi chose a soft matte white paint for her walls. The materials cost for the paint was priced at fifty cents per square foot. Adding prep and labor, the cost to paint was $5.51 per square foot and $10,498 for the room in total.

Factoring in other costs like carpentry finishings, sitework protection and final cleaning, the total cost of Mansi’s multi-purpose living dining and kitchen space came to $114,121. To uncover the detailed cost of the final project, click here to view the winning bid. 

Every year, New Yorkers waste over $700M following the usual renovation process.

Bolster has uncovered the drivers behind these inefficiencies and has developed a proprietary solution that applies to every home renovation project. Bolster is the first company to bring radical transparency, analytics, and accountability to the entire process. They promise that every project is thoughtfully designed and beautifully delivered for a fair price, on time, and on budget. To start your major home renovation project, visit  

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