Would You Rather?

Go ahead and light one up this 4/20—apparently your neighbors don't mind (that much)

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Wednesday is 4/20, and you know what that means. (If you don't, then maybe your nose will know later this week.) Though according to the responses below, there are precious few of you out there who don't celebrate 4/20. We asked: Would you prefer the smell of pot or cigarette smoke to come from your neighbors?
  • No question Pot, any time. Of course, pot. I like it. And second hand smoke kills and makes your clothes stink. —Greg, East Harlem
  • Getting skunky There is an over-abundance of pot everywhere lately. If it's really skunky? Cigarettes. Otherwise, pot, for sure! —Bethany, Times Square (pictured)
  • Pot can't call the kettle black I mean, I smoke cigarettes, so I guess I can't mind the smell. But I always make sure to smoke out an open window and I don't smoke a lot. So I don't like my place smelling like smoke and my clothes, too. So, I don't know for sure, but maybe smoke, so I'm not too much a hypocrite. —Marc, Hamilton Heights
  • Party people I really don't mind pot. In fact, if I smell, I'm like "where's the party neighbors?" —Jen, Hamilton Heights
  • Do you have to let it linger? I hate few things more than unsolicited smells. So I'd hate either one. But I guess, if it's pot, it goes away faster? Smoke kind of lingers. —Jennifer, Upper West Side
  • Herbal essence Probably pot is better because it's kind of sweet smelling. Not always though. Ugh. Either one is not great, but pot. Just because I think if people smoke they smoke all the time, but you can't smoke pot all the time and have a job that pays rent. —Sadie, Park Slope

Verdict:  Bring on the munchies!