Top 12 half-truths, exaggerations, and lies NYC rental agents may tell you

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While finding a decent NYC rental in your price range and neighborhood is not (quite) a Game of Thrones battle quest, it does demand the ability to spot overly optimistic or blatantly untrue statements by anyone who stands to profit if you sign a lease. Such as a rental agent who stands to collect a commission. Below, a dozen of the most common "truthy" things you may be told.  Do your homework, and if at all possible, get it in writing.

1. "It’s a 10-minute commute to Midtown."

2. "You can put up a wall."

3. "The pool will be ready by summer."

4. "This landlord never raises the rent."

5. "No one ever uses the pool/roof/gym."

6. "It’s pet friendly."

7. "No one is ever going to build across the street."

8, "This building is zoned for [insert desirable public school]."

9. "The bedroom fits a king-sized bed."

10. "This place will be gone by the end of the day."

11. "The neighborhood really quiets down at night."

12. "I loved working with you."