Would You Rather?

Would you rather pay tips all year long or one big tip during the holidays?

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year—especially for New Yorkers who are accustomed to the year’s end practice of holiday tipping. Just as employees of banks, law firms and other private corporations and companies receive year-end bonuses, so, too, do the men and women who work in residential buildings and make other New Yorkers' lives function a bit more smoothly.

But is a large tip at the holidays what New Yorkers would actually prefer to give? The responses we found may surprise you:

‘Tis the season I would rather tip at the end of the year. It’s more appropriate. You make that sacrifice because of the season. Or if you’re friendly with someone, you should also tip on their birthday. —Carole, Crown Heights

Undecided on tips I think it makes sense to tip at the end of the year. Kind of like an "I appreciate you." But if you tip a dollar a day, that’s $365! That’s more than you likely give at the end of the year. —Saja, Flatbush (pictured below)

If the job’s well done... Tips at Christmas are fine as long as the super really goes above and beyond and excels at his job. My super makes more money than I do and he gets a free apartment in NYC. He also cannot fix a radiator leak or change a washer. —Anne, Hell’s Kitchen

Case by case I’d rather pay throughout the year and on a case by case basis so each person is appropriately recognized versus having to arbitrarily tip. —Elissa, West Village

It’s more authentic year-round A large gift at the holidays feels like a formality, whereas tips on the occasion where service is provided feels like a more direct and authentic show of appreciation. —Dana, Bushwick

They work all year, why wait? I don’t mind tipping so I think tipping all year makes sense, yeah. If people are working for you on a regular basis, they should be compensated. —Amy, Crown Heights
Tradition! I guess it's customary for one big tip at the end of the year. —Jeff, Marine Park

Once a year I think maybe just at Christmas. I feel like having to think about tips all the time is exhausting! —Jasper, Park Slope

Verdict: It’s a tie!