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Instagram roundup: Take inspiration for Thanksgiving table-setting from these NYC apartments

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Whether you're ready for it or not, Thanksgiving is around the corner, heralding the arrival of the holiday season. Here in New York City, where space is a premium for nearly everyone besides the lucky townhouse- and multiple-floor-owning few, entertaining at home can be a challenge. Not many of us have the space to have a proper dining room, and if we do, it's a luxury to own one that can hold a leaf-extended table and a buffet groaning with culinary delights at the ready. But New Yorkers are, if anything, masters at adaptation and McGyver-like intrepidness, not to mention—and yes, this is admittedly self-congratulatory—we tend to have a good eye.

Here, a round-up of holiday tables shared by resourceful, and stylish, Instagrammers celebrating Thanksgivings of the past in NYC:

A classic white tablecloth keeps the table swank and simple (it's like painting a small room—especially one crowded with furniture, as is the way with many NYC apartments—in white to keep the vibe less busy)



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Serving plates and platters of similar shapes and hues helps streamline a small and bursting-to-the-seams table.


Candles are a quick and chic way to make the day festive (and they're easy to set up and store in a closet-starved NYC apartment).




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Gourds, arranged in a decorative pile, add a quick shot of color to your table (without taking up much space).


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If you don't have a massive dining table, you can still set a glamorous counter for serving the feast. 


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