City Council mulls rezonings, co-living site in foreclosure, & more

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By Emily Myers  |
November 23, 2021 - 10:30AM

Emily Myers for Brick Underground

The City Council considers two proposals to bring thousands of affordable housing to areas adjacent to or within relatively white and rich neighborhoods—Gowanus and SoHo (The New York Times)

The former site of Brooklyn’s historic Slave Theater, once slated for a co-living facility from startup The Collective, is now in foreclosure (The Real Deal)

Steven Banks, head of the New York City's efforts to reduce homelessness, will resign at the end of the year (City Limits)

The City Council votes today on the New York Blood Center's major expansion project on the Upper East Side (CBS)

Extell files plans for an L-shaped tower on the Upper East Side that builds around holdouts who refused to sell to the developer (Patch)

Millions of New Yorkers are behind on their utility bills and there could be a wave of shutoffs this spring (New York Focus)

Headshot of Emily Myers

Emily Myers

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