Celebrities buy in these NYC buildings, Brooklyn rents are still dropping and more

By Georgia Kral  | July 13, 2017 - 11:45AM


Here's how posh addresses in NYC attract celebrities and become "it" buildings (New York Post) 

Time to start your apartment search again? The rental market in Brooklyn has fallen for the second month in a row (The Real Deal)

Another classic New York City diner is closing for the exact reason you imagine—a rise in rent (The Lo-Down)

Amazon briefly debuted a new feature that would link potential customers with real estate agents, but quickly took the site down (Housing Wire)

The 1977 NYC blackout, which then Mayor Beame deemed a "night of terror," was 40 years ago today (Gothamist)

National chain stores are forcing mom-and-pop stores to close all over the city, and the trend isn't relegated to drug stores and groceries alone. Dollar stores are the latest victim (New York Times) 

Is Jersey City the next Brooklyn? Condo developers are betting it is (WSJ)



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