Rent-stabilized tenant's Confederate flags prompt lawsuit, fantasies of seizing luxury apartments, more

By Nathan Tempey  | August 23, 2017 - 10:45AM

An East Village landlord sued his rent-stabilized tenant over the Confederate flags he posted in his apartment windows, then swiftly withdrew the suit (DNAinfo)

The Treasury Department is ramping up scrutiny of big-money real estate deals involving LLCs (The Real Deal)

An author's not-so-modest proposal for solving the nation's housing crisis: take the apartments wealthy people don't live in and give them to poor people (The Outline)

One of the last tool and die shops in Manhattan has closed. It's memorialized here with a photo essay (Gothamist)

A Hasidic Jewish charity set up to help the needy has been running an illegal hotel in Crown Heights (DNAinfo)

NYC Ferry service out of Astoria starts on Tuesday (QNS)

Vacant storefronts are plaguing SoHo as mom-and-pop retailers flee massive rents and some landlords can't afford to drop them (New York Times)

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