A Penn Station expansion is coming, people are skipping the line for affordable housing, more

By Nathan Tempey  | August 18, 2017 - 10:45AM

Governor's Office

Work has begun to turn the James A. Farley post office building on Eighth Avenue into an extension of Penn Station, and with that comes some nifty renderings (New York Times/6sqft)

Managers of some Mitchell-Lama apartment complexes let people skip the line for below-market-rate units, and one development's minders warehoused dozens of vacant apartments for as long as five years, a state audit found (DNAinfo)

Why monuments to the Confederacy were built in the North, including in NYC (hint: it wasn't in the spirit of repentance for slavery and equal rights for African-American people) (Gothamist)

Congestion pricing is suddenly "on the table" in Albany (Politico)

Activists are demanding more park space in Long Island City as towers continue to rise (QNS)

Alternate-side parking rules have been changed at certain spots in Midwood, Brooklyn to work around the Sabbath in the predominately Jewish neighborhood (Bklyner)

An East Village resident is photographing the apartments of rent-stabilized tenants as part of a documentary series (EV Grieve)

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