More regulation in store for Airbnb, visualizing Manhattan's workday crowds, & more

By Nathan Tempey  | May 16, 2018 - 11:00AM

The City Council is working on a bill that would require Airbnb hosts to register the addresses of their listings with inspectors (Politico)

Why don't poor people move to lower-cost areas? Often, because of where their social network is (New York Times)

State senators want to lift restrictions on how tall developers can build in already-dense parts of New York City (Brownstoner)

See a visualization of what Manhattan's population looks like, by neighborhood, at any given time during the week (Manhattan Population Explorer)

All but two hotels in Ozone Park and Howard Beach, Queens are being used to house homeless families (Queens Chronicle)

A complicated family history of African-American real estate wealth accumulated against the odds and then lost in Brooklyn (City Limits)

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